Worldwide shipping services.

Since 2010, the company METRA has been providing transport services in Novi Sad. The METRA team is driven by passion and enthusiasm to establish a transportation company that is well known for its services. Our trust-centric mindset brings trust with every on-time delivery. We are a family business with a commitment to reliability and integrity. Our business has grown due to our ability to tailor services to meet customer needs and adapt to changing markets. Our team is in constant contact with each other by phone. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - and we always strive to provide exceptional customer service. Our business is built on understanding our clients' needs and keeping pace with new trends. We continue to add new regions to our operations while providing high quality and affordable solutions. Our technology has a significant impact on our success thanks to our commitment to changing with the times and being ahead of the curve. It is because of this commitment that our clients have access to all the tools they may need.


How this Works


Transparent Pricing


Prices are adjusted to our clients in real time and market movements.

Warehouse Storage


We have the possibility of renting storage space, for a fixed or indefinite period, with handling, loading - unloading, separation of goods and with supplementary insurance. We also have the possibility of storing ADR goods

Real-Time Tracking


There is a GPS device in the vehicles, thanks to which we can know the status of the movement of your goods at any time

Security for Cargo


Your goods are insured in every detail, from the place of loading to the place of unloading. We also have the option of supplemental insurance for an amount that exceeds the basic insurance

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